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Savour the Art of Living

Ascott offers modern-day highflyers the opportunity to savour the art of living. With a passion for the finer things in life, Ascott curates arts-inspired experiences that make every stay a masterpiece of living. Indulge your senses as the brand delivers a taste of timeless elegance and allure through various art forms from visual, performing, couture to culinary arts.


For the Love of Cities

Designed for the love of cities, Citadines offers travellers the comfort of a serviced residence and the flexibility of a hotel. Anchored upon the commitment to provide guests with the best of city living while inspiring them to live, work and play in infinite ways, the Citadines brand signatures seek to consistently provide unique experiences and offerings that best meet the needs of its guests – young business professionals who are constantly in search for the next local experience when they shuttle between cities.


A New Way to Belong

Designed for the next generation traveller, lyf offers experience-led social living that allows one to “live your freedom” in a dynamic environment for live, work and play. With curated experiences and social programmes, lyf creates the environment for residents to plug into the local community and form connections with one another.


Step Into Your Comfort Zone
(The Luxury of Comfort)

It’s home, but better. Built on the foundations of established standards and reliability, Oakwood knows how to make anyone feel at home. From a restful night’s sleep, a productive workspace, to a wholesome, hearty meal – the portfolio of Oakwood Premier and Oakwood properties enables business travellers to enjoy the comforts of home wherever they are.


Where Harmony is
Second Nature

Somerset is a brand that champions inclusivity and sustainability, and embraces harmony within individuals, with families and in the environment. Where harmony is second nature, Somerset celebrates the coming together of people in an inviting, inclusive and homely environment, and provides a curated experience through its series of brand signatures.



There’s a story behind every door at The Crest Collection – a portfolio of charming bespoke hotels and serviced residences that integrates heritage stories with curated hospitality experiences. Each property has its own distinctive personality, character and story, with some properties housed in historically significant buildings or locations. Guest experiences are curated to reflect the local culture and heritage where guests can feel transported back in time. Immerse in what is truly unique and unforgettable, available nowhere else.



The Unlimited Collection is a portfolio of charming boutique hotels characterised by unique designs and destinations. Through a kaleidoscope of festivals, art, music, craft, food and language, The Unlimited Collection accents the bohemian charm of cultural enclaves, bringing guests on an adventure in neighbourhoods that are unscripted, unchartered, unconventional and unforgettable.


Unveiling the Senses

The journey at Preference begins with an unveiling of senses. A collection of independent properties inspired by the desire for uniqueness, authenticity and intimacy, Preference enables a new tale and connection with every interaction. Each hotel under Preference bears its own identity and concept reflecting the cultural heritage, unique architecture or the natural beauty of each landscape.


Be Yourself at Adoor

Flexible leasing options, contemporary and interactive shared-living area, high tech driven facilities, and effective logistic support to satisfy different needs of residents for personal and social spaces.

Adoor Apartment is a long-term rental apartment brand under Ascott China, aimed at providing accommodation options for people, like white collars, overseas returnees, and international residents, an area where they can have a better living experience and obtain home feeling. Adoor Apartment is usually situated in a convenient location in city center, a refined, safe, and diverse living space.


Simply Joyful Living

Designed for the elite, returnees, and middle-class families who pursue quality life, Adoor Suites, integrated with modern design and functionality, provides a comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective living options to residents.

Adhering to the concept of environmental protection and healthy life, the apartment is equipped with intelligent facilities to explore the elegant modern life.


As Local As You Like It

Don’t just stay, live with Quest. Whether for exploration or dining in, hitting the town or the hay, the choice belongs to our guest. Because at Quest, it is more than just an overnight stay. Guests are well placed at the heart of the local scene so they can live as local as they like it.

Each Quest Apartment Hotel is owned and operated by a passionate local, so our guests enjoy the warmest welcome when they check in, and we know the best local delights for them to check out.


Do It Your Way

Delivering on the brand ethos - ‘Do It Your Way’, Fox Hotels embrace the culture and traditions of each neighbourhood the hotel is located in. Driving a strong mindset of ‘going local’, Fox Hotels offer a flexible and adaptable stay experience that allows guests to live as they wish, while experiencing the authenticity of the local community.


Living in Balance

‘Living in Balance’ is a way of life at Harris Hotels. A portfolio of hotels where guests can relax and be themselves with friends, colleagues and family whilst forging new connections with others, they may do so while also putting their best professional foot forward. With personal wellness as a key to life, Harris offers what guests need to live a healthy and sustainable life.


Vibing All Along

Vibe along and stay connected through engagement with people as well as the rhythm and lively ambience of POP! Hotels. Push the boundaries of conformism and live out a preferred lifestyle through shared passions of creative arts and music with like-minded peers. Explore the bustling surrounding of each property and be part of a social community each time you choose a stay with POP! Hotels.


Everyday Runway

Vertu Hotels is a portfolio of hotels where guests may experience a vibrant, colourful and stylish mode of living, inspired by the iconic fashion industry. With momentum in confidence, guests can boldly step into their ‘everyday runway’ where they are free to express their unique sense of style while remaining at ease in their own surroundings.


Freedom of Expression

‘Freedom of expression’ is what Yello Hotels promise. From the sharing of ideas, passion and feelings, to verbalising one’s innermost thoughts from the most ordinary to the extraordinary, guests can let their guards down and live like ‘A Big Kid’.


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For separate beds (including extra bed setup), please indicate the number of additional older children or adults.