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Housekeeping Supervisor

Major Responsibility

- Monitor the status of apartments every day, be responsible for human resource deployment and assigning daily work.

- Perform routine inspection on assigned areas and ensure that high standards of cleanliness and safety are met.

- Organize and inspect comprehensive room cleanliness.

- Prepare apartments before guests' arrival, inspect apartments before guests' departure.

- Record living habits and special requirements of long-stay guests and VIP, and ensure that their requirements are properly arranged.

- Communicate with guests, make sure that assigned attendants know their special requirements, and offer excellent service.

- Deal with guests' requirements and complaints properly, report exceptional situations and special events to superiors.

- Assist manager to manage items storage, consumption management, and regular stock inventory.

- Involve in safety and fire precaution work, ensure that each attendant know what to do in case of emergency, assist Security Department to check fire fighting equipments, make a safe environment for guests.

- Comply with operation rules and service standards, train attendants, especially new ones.

- Perform visual inspections on attendants' appearance and politeness to ensure that Ascott standards are met.

- Establish clear rewards and punishment system, motivate staff and improve productivity.

- Offer reasonable advice and suggestions, improve management of Housekeeping Department.

- In compliance with the Ascott Group's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines and policies, pay attention to energy conservation and the safe operation in daily work.

- Other duties assigned by superiors.


- Minimum two to three years supervisory working experience in hotel or serviced residence;

- Familiar with operation rules of serviced residence/hotel housekeeping, strict compliance with procedure;

- Good communication skills, ability to train staff;

- Sense of initiative, ability to obey, team spirit;

- Enthusiasm of serviced residence/hotel;

- Ability to work under pressure.

Business Development Manager

Brief Introduction

To actively conduct business development of accommodation projects such as Service Residence, Long Stay Apartments, Senior Living, Business Hotels, etc. through sourcing, evaluating, relationship building, negotiating, and eventual Signing in accordance to Company’s target and requirements. Business development model includes Management Contracts, Franchise and Manachise.

Major Responsibility

In accordance to Company’s BD target and requirements:

-Actively source for business development deals, choose and select compatible partners for collaboration and to establish relationship with them.

-To engage in active discussion with potential partners on suitable projects and to provide accurate and appropriate cooperation proposal, including conducting market and customer research and analysis, brand positioning, financial modeling, contract terms, etc.  

-Follow closely and constantly progress of project, establish strong relationship with partners and to be responsible for eventual signing of contracts.

-To maintain good relationship with existing partners and to assist in any collaboration issues, contract renewals, etc.

-Work closely with internal resources and departments to provide effective and efficient support to the project and partners.


-Bachelor’s degree or above, preferably majoring in real estate, business, engineering and finance.

-2-5 years working experience in Hospitality/Real Estate Business Development and related fields.

-Able to develop and source collaboration channels and partners and possess a certain amount of related resources.

-Have good communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

-Have right working attitude, integrity, trust-worthy.

-Able to withstand work pressure and constant traveling.

Residence Manager
Brief Introduction
- Organize and coordinate resources to achieve the goals set by the company, according to company standards and relevant laws and regulations.
- Complete the operational work.

Major Responsibility
- Revenue management: involve in management of sales action plan, inventory management with yield management principles, and participate in market competition analysis.
- Team management: managing data, staffing and employment proposals, planning, training, as well as designing employee career development.
- Cost management: control staff costs and various costs incurred within sectors according to the annual budget.
- Asset and security management: understand the property’s facilities operation and train the subordinates in these areas. Overall management of property assets and ensure a long-term investment value of assets. Effective management of the owner / representatives and to maintain good communication relationships. Responsible for financial planning and coordination to improve productivity and return on investment.
- Sales relationships: according to self- knowledge and evaluation and reports provided to understand, follow and develop customer relationships.
- Cash Flow Management: Manage the invoice, cash receipt and payment as well as accounting of receivables.
- Internal and external relationship management and communication: Represents the Ascott Limited in a professional manner in all contexts, ensuring positive relationships are developed and maintained with all relevant external parties, including government, unions, industry and regulatory bodies, and suppliers. Collaborate with various departments to meet customers’, guests’ and company's expectations.
- Standards’ and procedures’ management: adopt and supervision all existing programs to ensure the smooth implementation of all company policies, regulations and the behaviors.
- Ensure that all the property behaviors comply with all relevant laws and regulation acts.
- Works co-operatively with internal resources including corporate office.
- Be a property manager on duty on a regular basis.
- In compliance with the Ascott Group's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines and policies, pay attention to energy conservation and the safe operation in daily work.
- Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
- Achieve Key Performance Indicators as set and agreed to.

- Major in hotel, tourism or economic management;
- Over 3years practical management experience in serviced apartments/five-star international branded hotels;
- Extensive operational management expertise and financial knowledge;
- Familiar with local legislation and regulations;
- Excellent listening, speaking, reading and writing communication skills in Mandarin and English (multi-foreign language ability is preferred);
- Clear thinking, able to act mature and steady;
- Enthusiastic working attitude and a strong sense of responsibility;
- Good teamwork and communication skills, able to withstand strong pressure.
Security Officer
Job Description

- Ensure the security of the guest and their property.

Major Responsibility
- Be conscientious and do a good job according to the regulations, procedures and service standard of the company.
- Make sure staff in all departments work under the regulations of security.
- Immediately correct the behaviors which go against the regulations and insure to report promptly if necessary.
- Work with good manner; be polite to all the guests. Always remember “guests are supreme, safety comes first”. Be ready to provide quality services to guests at any time.
At the lobby:
- Help the guests with their baggage. Arrange the cars and providing the information which needed by the guests.
- Conduct the vehicles passing by, be response to the safety of the vehicles and pedestrians. Make sure the driving lane is clear.
- Be conscious all the time; make sure the residents’ properties are not harmed.
- Find out the abnormal condition and suspicious personnel, response correctly if there are any fire alarms. Manage the keys, make records of all actions.
- Check and maintenance of the equipments at the surveillance room, keep records.
- Patrolling around the certain route around property.
- Keep an eye on the engineering and hygiene problem of the public area; find the potential accident in time. Report to the superior if there is an unusual case.

- Check and maintenance of the firefighting equipment.

Employee’s entrance:

- Make records of the entering vehicles, the visitors and monitor the in and out of the items.
- In compliance with the Ascott Group's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines and policies, pay attention to energy conservation and the safe operation in daily work.

- Ensure all the work commitments are met.

- Minimum of senior high school is required;
- Relevant experience or veterans are preferred;
- Deal with things quickly and decisively, alertness, accurate and understand certain security knowledge;
- Responsible, honest and have a good attitude;
- Good image, good personality, healthy, no criminal record;
- Good communication skill, good team player;
- Be able to work under pressure.
Housekeeping Attendant
Job Description
- As an attendant, you will be responsible for the cleanliness of assigned areas and ensure all work adhere to Ascott service standards.

Major Responsibility
- Clean assigned rooms, including changing bed sheets, changing terry, cleaning bidet\toilet, vacuuming floor etc, and replace amenities on a timely basis, eg: beverage, soap and toiletries.
- Clean public area in assigned floor.
- Be responsible for comprehensive room cleanliness.
- Respond to guests' requests, such as cleaning wastebaskets, replacing extra terry, cleaning bathrooms etc.
- Operate equipments properly, conduct basic maintenance, report problems to superiors or engineers, guarantee the normal operation of all equipments.
- Be alert to assigned area' s safety, prepare for fire/theft/accident prevention work, report exceptional situations to superiors immediately.
- Stock and count items in assigned areas, achieve resource conservation, report problems on a timely basis.
- Return or report any personal belongings left behind by the guest.
- Fill out work report correctly, write down real data and records.
- Know clearly about manners and politeness, apply them into daily work flexibly.
- Comply with the standards in our employee handbook, housekeeping rules and operation procedures in daily work.
- Follow supervisor and other superiors' arrangements, obey orders and be a team player.
- In compliance with the Ascott Group's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines and policies, pay attention to energy conservation and the safe operation in daily work.
- Other duties assigned by superiors.

- Minimum one year working experience in Housekeeping Department of hotel or serviced residence;
- Enthusiasm of serviced residence/hotel;
- Responsible, careful, honest, reliable;
- Sense of initiative, ability to obey, team spirit;
- Ability to understand well, good communication skills;
- Ability to work under pressure.
Guest Service Officer
Job Description
- Responsible for all daily Guest Services, Reception activities.

Major Responsibility
- Daily check in, check-out, reservation and reception work.
- Ensure correct handling of billing and administrative work, including the review and report archiving
- Reflect good professional image of companies and individuals in daily work and keep a good communication and coordination with partner of property.
- Proper and timely handing of customer requirements, inquiries and complaints. If necessary, promptly report to their superiors
- Ensure compliance with related policies, procedures and standards of Ascott
- Any other tasks assigned by supervisor

- College degree or above, major in hotel management, tourism or graduate in language related disciplines.
- Relevant work experience is preferred
- Good communication skills, have good English or (Japanese / Korean) speaking ability.
- Good grooming.
- Can accept shift work

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